Enhancing communications a priority for Métis Infinity Investments


These are unprecedented times for many people around the world.  Everyone has been touched in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic and are required to do things in a much different way.

Moving forward, there will be a new way of doing business for many business sectors.  Businesses around the world, from large multi-national conglomerates, to local small businesses, including Métis businesses, are having to adapt to a new economy including weathering the fiscal challenges and challenges facing the workforce.

Throughout these economic challenges, communication is as important as ever.  Whether we are communicating with staff, customers, clients, sub-contractors, shareholders or partners, communications must continued to be a priority.

It is as good as a time as any to introduce some new communications and social media development.

At Métis Infinity Investments, we will continue to use the website ( as the communications hub for sharing news, updates and information to Métis citizens, our partners, and the community.  This article, or post, is an example of how information will be shared.

We will share these website posts using MII social media channels.  We encourage you to follow us on:


Further, we encourage all questions, feedback or suggestions that may help benefit Métis Infinity Investments.  We can be reached directly, by email, at: