Welcome to Infinity Investments.


Métis Infinity Investments will endeavour to be the pre-eminent Métis economic development corporation in Canada managing a diverse portfolio of investments and business ventures benefitting the Métis Nation of Ontario.

In 2015, the Métis Nation of Ontario fulfilled the mandate of the Métis Nation of Ontario Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law by finalizing the creation of Métis Infinity Investments Structures. This resulted in organizing all of the MNO’s economic development activities through one organization, so they can be managed by a professional, independent Board of Directors and a Chief Executive officer.

In a short time, Métis Infinity Investments is become an established entity making a transition from corporate development to becoming a growing hub for Métis business in Ontario.

This transition happened much sooner than anticipated as Métis Infinity Investments is already profitable.

Now into our ninth fiscal year of operations, Métis Infinity Investments is on course for further growth and continued investment in Métis business opportunities.

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