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In 2013, the MNO AGA passed the Métis Nation of Ontario Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law, to begin building an economic base for Ontario’s Métis. Section 5 of the law states:

“The goal of this Law is to enable the MNO to build a strong, stable and self-sustaining economic base upon which it can pursue, advance and achieve the objectives set out in its Statement of Prime Purpose as well as fulfill its roles and responsibilities to Métis citizens and communities for generations to come.”

The Prosperity Law establishes the legal framework for all of the MNO’s economic development activities.  It describes the MNO Economic Development Structures, which is the corporate structure that manages business activities in which the MNO has an interest.

As a result of this, in 2015, the MNO fulfilled the mandate of the Métis Nation of Ontario Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law by finalizing the creation of the Infinity Investments Structures (Exhibit 1). This resulted in organizing all of the MNO’s economic development activities through one organization, so they can be managed by a professional, independent Board of Directors and a Chief Executive officer.

Following expert tax, legal and corporate advice, the Structures also allow the MNO to benefit from economic development while managing the legal and business risks involved in that activity. The Structures are responsible for managing business activities on behalf of the MNO.  All business interests are held through Métis Infinity Investments LP (Infinity LP) and managed by Métis Infinity Investments (GP) Inc.  Infinity LP engages in companies, partnerships and joint ventures (JVs).

Infinity Investments has an autonomous corporate structure, professional management and an independent Board of Directors. Profits from Infinity Investments are held in a Trust, and are used by the Métis Nation of Ontario to generate economic prosperity and self-sufficiency for the Métis Nation of Ontario and Ontario’s Métis people.

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